The ride

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»An album full of terrific dance music at the highest musical level.« (Esperanto CD Tips)

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»Äl Jawala know how to pack each of the 13 songs in an attractive and sophisticated way. And that with a thick layer of gypsy, ska and dub. There are also trips to the Elektroswing warehouse or Latin American cumbia – a normal range that only a few have mastered as virtuously as the Freiburg-based “The Ride” is certainly one of the most well-cooked Balkan records currently on the market. «(Sound & Image)

»Äl Jawala puts some of the most renowned artists in the genre in the shade. With their sixth album “The Ride”, the Freiburg combo is no longer an insider tip. If you don’t dance here and shake your booty, it’s your own fault! «(

“Not least thanks to a fine production and a good amount of R’n’R spirit, the Freiburg-based band easily leaves the majority of similarly oriented bands behind.” (Title Kulturmagazin)