Al Jawala – Infectious crossover of oriental brass and hypnotic grooves.

When they set off their fireworks on stage there is no holding back! During their concerts Al Jawala radiate pure positive energy that goes straight to the heart and simply takes everyone with them.

With their instinct for exciting genre mixes, Äl Jawala have developed a completely unique style. An inspiring, cosmopolitan sound between hot Balkan Brass, Arabic Roots and relaxed Afrobeats.

The message is clear: we are all one, belong together, dance together, celebrate together.


“Our niche a whole universe,” say Al Jawala, and take you for a ride.

Images and tales they have collected worldwide in twenty-two years on-the-road. First as street musicians, later on stages of clubs and festivals.

With open ears and hearts and an insatiable hunger for breaking new musical ground, „the travelers” have been on the road ever since, reinventing themselves over and over again. (Al Jawala means “the travellers” in Arabic)

Saxophones, drums, percussions, didgeridoo are the cornerstones of the Jawala sound – in the meantime enriched by voice and synthesizers.
Now playful, instrumental and oriental, then electronic and club-oriented, Al Jawala offer a unique mixture of party and concert experience. Deepness and danceability go hand in hand and powerful arrangements constantly give room for extensive, inspiring improvisations by the four musicians.



Contact person: Markus Schumacher